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Meet the Daughters & Son-in-Law

    Hi, Thanks for reading about us! Our story started as soon as we could walk...you see our Mother has always been a kind, compassionate & entertaining caregiver! 

    I remember caring for our 88 years young neighbor that had no one! At the age of 3 or 4 I remember bringing him his tray of food, pills & visiting with him...even though there was a smell of a spitune in the air, I knew what it meant for him to have someone to count on and talk too! :)
    Carla and I were also blessed to have a Mother who was the Executive Director of the Housing Apartments for the elderly. This meant we always had a place to go to give and recieve lot's of LOVE! Even though the residents had each other, they knew they had us too! We would go there after school and do puzzles, visit, and likely carry some bags to someones room too ;)
 All of this at an early age led to us both eventually being CNA's and we have worked in every type of aging facility. At 26 I decided I thought my path would be Adult Day Programs and quickly aligned myself with Sally Hebson of Sojourn Adult Day in Spring Park, MN. I helped start and facilitate Sojourn Suites and than ended up moving on to new paths for a while.

   Years later here we are caring for our wonderful parents and not even working in the field we love so much!  After many years of the basic needs for them we wondered how do others do this who are not self employed like us? That is when we started thinking about providing all of these different services that we were providing and realizing the dream we have had in our hearts most of our lives!

And so began, A Daughter's Love, a host of services provided with all the Love a Daughter would give and so much more!

Christine Tollefson: 
Daughter #5, Executive Director, 38 years experience in several aging services. I have been in love with caring for Seniors and their families since I was old enough to walk! I Love every aspect of caring for seniors, however have found my nitch in reinventing the wheel to make life easier, safer & less stressful for caregivers and the loved ones they serve. With several years of running other businesses from my husbands Seal coating company(Asphalt Aces) to our Marketing company(Alive Signage) all while caring for my parents & starting ADL. We took several problems and created ONE solution, A Daughter's Love. I look forward to sharing our God Given Love & services with you and yours, let us make it easy for your clients with one call.

Carla Kuchinski: 
Daughter # 3 Club manager/Trainer, 38 years experience in several aging services as well. I am Christine's older sister and have worked side by side with her on several ventures. I am overjoyed to be getting back into the health care business where we belong and will likely be the voice on the other end of the phone when you call. Together Christine, Todd & I have figured out how to manage our parents every aging need and still spoil them with our Never Ending Love and attention. We will do just that for you & your loved ones as well. God has Blessed us with a genuine LOVE for others and we look forward to sharing it!

Todd Tollefson:
Moral support & maintenance man, I am proud to be Christine's husband of 15 years and can safely say that this business, A Daughter's Love, was imagined and brought to life by the most brilliant caregiver and family liaison I have ever met!  Yes I suppose I am biased but I have never met someone so caring and able to make all the puzzle pieces fall together at same time ;) Thrilled to be a part of our this venture together! I look forward to meeting you and your loved one to see how we can safely help them stay at home or live here with us!

A Daughters Love is family-owned and operated in Staples, MN, where we also have a Care & Social Club for Seniors.  We treat everyone like they are a part of our family. 
Others may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.

ADL has been brought to life as we have had the need for our own family and we look forward to caring for others loved ones as we do our own.

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